The Advantages of Built-In Cabinetry

The Advantages of Built-In Cabinetry

When building a new home there are may decisions to make with the building process. When it comes to budgeting, there are some items that may not make the cut. What you decide to include in the final bill will come down to your priorities and needs for what you want your final home to be.

If you are considering built-in cabinetry, we have our top reasons to help you decide for good!

Built to last

Built-in cabinetry becomes a part of your house, therefore it is made to last. As sturdy and long-wearing as any other point within your home. Your built-ins will be made by highly experienced and qualified tradesmen, as opposed to a piece from an assembly line. A high quality, custom made piece comes with a greater guarantee of quality that is built to last.

Allows more freedom in design

Custom built cabinetry allows you to design around your cabinetry – instead of the other way around. Beautiful cabinetry can become a key design feature in your home. By choosing built-in cabinetry, you get exactly what you are after. You can dictate the style, design, finish, colour and have the final say over the quality. You will not be at the mercy of stock cabinetry providers. This is an exceptionally handy point for those who are looking at out-of-the-box designs or floor plans that are not your standard go-to.

Allows for cohesive design

Built-in cabinetry allows for a smooth and cohesive feel throughout your entire home. It helps the transition from one room to the next. Along with a cohesive feel with the cabinetry, you can now style each room accordingly, with the main cabinetry design already done for you.

Creates Minimalism

For the minimalist, built-in cabinetry can provide that minimalistic, beautifully blended look you are after. Cabinetry that effortlessly blends into its surroundings, whilst being a beautiful, yet functional, design piece. Your cabinetry becomes a part of the house, not something that is added as an afterthought. Cleverly designed built-in cabinetry can take up an entire wall in the house yet can still allow for the space to feel abundant and not cramped or overwhelmed.


Storage problems no more! The beauty of built-in cabinetry is that you can dictate how much storage you have. No more grappling over a lack of storage or storage in the wrong places. Now it is all in your control.

What to Consider when Choosing Built-in Cabinetry 

Use and Space

  • When choosing built-ins, know from the outset what they will be used for and what will be stored in them. This will help you to guide the design.
  • Think about the room and the space available. How much space will the built-in take up? How will it blend with the rest of the room?

Like always, a professional can help you to make the most from your custom built-in cabinetry. Germancraft are experts in their field and can help you to design and build the cabinetry you have always dreamed of. Based in Arundel on the Gold Coast, their team is full of highly experienced, quality cabinetmakers, ready to help you build your perfect cabinetry for your dream home. They will professionally manage your project from the early stages of inception to creating the ideal spaces with Built-In Cabinetry to suit your needs and budget.

Home Is Where The Heart Is… So Is It In The Kitchen?

Home Is Where The Heart Is… So Is It In The Kitchen?

The Rise and Rise of the Kitchen Renovation

The humble family kitchen has always been known as the heart of the home. Even with the changing landscapes of families, lifestyles, homes and our use of space, the kitchen remains the focal point of every home. Whether your home is big or small, the kitchen remains the heart of the home.

How the Kitchen Has Changed…

The same as the way gadgets and cars have progressed, evolved and adapted to today’s world, so has our home kitchen. No matter how big or how small. Kitchens in today’s contemporary world are now the location for living. No longer is it just the location for cooking and cooking alone. Now it is a joint space for cooking, homework, reading, dining, drinks, entertaining and just spending time together. It is the central hub of the home.

How are Kitchens Evolving?

We are seeing kitchens getting bigger and bigger to accommodate their myriad of additional uses. The space per metre they cover is larger, tables are bigger to accommodate the influx of people and island benches that match the natural flow of the family comings and goings. We are now spending more time considering the design and functionality of our kitchens.

Likewise, kitchens are changing for our kids too! New research released by Medicare finds that more than half of primary school–aged children are currently helping their parents prepare a meal. This not only provides a chance for family bonding but is also important in the education of healthy eating in our children.

Kitchens and Resale

There is no doubt that renovating your kitchen adds to the resale of your home. It is often the first room of the house that prospective buyers look at. If you are the owner of an older style home, buyers will be considering the costs of renovating an old or out-dated kitchen as part of the purchase price. Walls are being knocked down and spaces extended to allow for an open-plan, airy and bright kitchens.

Thinking About A New Kitchen Design?

So, you are thinking about a new kitchen renovation? Keep these tips in mind:

  • Have a budget

Firstly, have a budget and stick to it! That way there is no nasty surprises or big bills at the end of your project to put a sour note on your new kitchen.

  • Consider your lifestyle

Your lifestyle should be a major factor that influences your design. So think about who does the cooking? Do you cook as a family? Is there a lot of home entertaining? Do you have small children or school-aged children? All these aspects influence the design and functionality of the space so should be considered.

  • Remember appliances!

Remember to factor in appliances in your kitchen renovation. This is an area where you can quickly and easily exceed your budget and overspend. Harvey Norman Commercial have a wide range of appliances in their showroom and will help you stick to your budget .

  • Choosing cabinetry

There are many variables to consider with cabinetry. We recommend Germancraft Cabinets – Gold Coast high quality & award winning cabinet makers. You can visit their amazing showroom where they will guide you through your kitchen cabinetry needs.

  • Tapware

The amazing team at Reece at Bundall can also take your through their showroom for tapware, sinks and all the latest kitchen trends.

Above all, ensure you planning and design suit both your budget and your family needs. Finally, have fun in creating the heart of your home!

Tweed Coast Property Sales Show No Sign of Slowing

Tweed Coast Property Sales Show No Sign of Slowing

Prestige Tweed Coast Property Sales

The key coastal areas of Kingscliff and Casuarina continue to lead the way in both Tweed Coast property sales and demand. And it is easy to see why. The allure of relaxed seaside living, the strong community spirit, superb facilities including parks, dining and boutique shopping outlets provide enough reason for buyers that continue to flock to the area. The addition of the new $534 million hospital, new shopping centres and continued development will see the area continue to attract new buyers.

Measured Up Builders Leading The Way

Especially high in demand are the immediate beachfront parcels of land or established properties. It’s always been about location, location, location – and beachfront Casuarina and Kingscliff are no different. Yet there is one common theme that continues to crop up in beachfront sales. Recent sales in the area include:

These three properties have more in common than being prestige beachfront homes… they are all Measured Up Builders homes.

Measured Up Builders continue to be the leading builder of luxury beachfront homes in the area. Our knowledge and expertise in construction integrating both the best of the seaside lifestyle and building to withstand the coastal elements, has us miles ahead of the pack.

These two Kingscliff properties are currently underway and nearing completion. Keep an eye out for the finished products.

Contact us if you’d like to discuss building your next dream home with Measured Up Builders.

How Important is Pest Treating your Home?

How Important is Pest Treating your Home?

Pest treating your home is something that should be on your yearly home maintenance checklist. Ensuring that you regularly pest treat your home will ensure you are protecting one of your greatest assets from pest damage or nasty infestations.

A general pest control treatment will generally treat for:

  • Cockroaches
  • Silverfish
  • Ants
  • Spiders

We also recommend a regular termite inspection whereby your pest controllers will conduct a thorough inspection both in and outside your home and supply a final written report. Most operators will package up both a pest and termite inspection and treatment into one package at a discounted rate.

Benefits of Pest Treating your Home

There are several benefits to enlisting the services of a professional pest control service.

Firstly, they are trained technicians in the field. This means that they are the best people for the job to identify and treat infestations. Better yet, they can help to prevent them from happening again.

Secondly, when building a new home, we recommend a pest and termite treatment at the pre-construction phase. Treatment at the pre-construction phase means treating the perimeter of your home, with products such as ‘Kordon’ in a proactive effort to keep the bugs away and infestations from occurring.

Gold Coast and Tweed Pest Control

As with most services, word of mouth is everything. We highly recommend Danny Burgess and his team from Capital Pest Management. Not only do they provide expert service and workmanship, they are dedicated to using the greenest products to ensure the wellbeing of your family, home and beloved pets. They provide an ongoing service for your home and provide a detailed report following every treatment. They are family-owned, affordable and provide quality service with over 40 years in the industry.

So be sure to put pest control treatments on your yearly maintenance schedule. If starting a new build with Measured Up, we will include an initial pest control treatment in your initial building quote. We will take care of the treatment as part of the building process, and then hand you over to Danny and his team for ongoing management.

How To Find The Right Architect For Your Home Design Project?

How To Find The Right Architect For Your Home Design Project?

The Architect / Owner Relationship

Knowing how to find the right Architect for your home design project is all about relationships. And like the beginning of any good relationship, you need to know what you are after before you start looking. If you are unsure of what your final goal is, then you can be left floundering.

Know What You Want

Firstly, think about what you are wanting to achieve from your home design project. Is it a renovation or a complete new build? Do you want to expand on the design of your existing home or bring in a new style of architecture you have seen elsewhere for your new build? Knowing exactly what you are after will help you find the right fit for you and give you a good starting point to build upon.

Do Your Research

Secondly, do your research. Research local Architects you have seen with similar work and style to what you are after. Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool there is. Anyone can advertise their services for a paid fee. But word of mouth is free and means the most. See what experiences and outcomes previous clients have had with the particular Architect you are looking at. Don’t be afraid to shop around.

View Their Work

Where possible, physically viewing an Architect’s work will give you an up close and personal view of the final product. Some Architects will be happy to arrange an appointment for you to view their recent work. This is a great opportunity to meet and initiate a relationship with your shortlisted Architects.

Establish a Strong Partnership

The strength of your relationship with your Architect needs to be solid to ensure a successful project outcome. Building a new home or embarking on a renovation can be highly stressful. You need to ensure you and your Architect share the same values. Ensure you have open communication channels and feedback mechanisms.

What Benefit is There in Enlisting a Professional Architect?

When looking at your overall budget, it can be tempting to skimp on additional costs. An Architect cannot be one of those! They can help with many additional aspects of your build including:

  • Managing the build
  • Initiating and confirming builders
  • Organising contracts
  • Keeping the build within your budget
  • Even down to the finer details of colour and furniture selections

Essentially, a good architect will help you to redefine the essential design elements of your project. Whether you are looking at a new Hamptons style build or a modern, contemporary addition to your existing home, they will help you reach your final vision.

Check the Fees

It is always important to check the fee structure of your chosen Architect. Confirm what their services include, exclusions and whether they have professional liability insurance (this is critical).

Not Sure Where To Start?

Nat is always happy to provide advice before you get things started. He can help to point you in the right direction of an architect that will compliment your design project. As above all, a good client-Architect relationship will ensure the future success of your home design project.