Tweed Coast Property Sales Show No Sign of Slowing

Tweed Coast Property Sales Show No Sign of Slowing

Prestige Tweed Coast Property Sales

The key coastal areas of Kingscliff and Casuarina continue to lead the way in both Tweed Coast property sales and demand. And it is easy to see why. The allure of relaxed seaside living, the strong community spirit, superb facilities including parks, dining and boutique shopping outlets provide enough reason for buyers that continue to flock to the area. The addition of the new $534 million hospital, new shopping centres and continued development will see the area continue to attract new buyers.

Measured Up Builders Leading The Way

Especially high in demand are the immediate beachfront parcels of land or established properties. It’s always been about location, location, location – and beachfront Casuarina and Kingscliff are no different. Yet there is one common theme that continues to crop up in beachfront sales. Recent sales in the area include:

These three properties have more in common than being prestige beachfront homes… they are all Measured Up Builders homes.

Measured Up Builders continue to be the leading builder of luxury beachfront homes in the area. Our knowledge and expertise in construction integrating both the best of the seaside lifestyle and building to withstand the coastal elements, has us miles ahead of the pack.

These two Kingscliff properties are currently underway and nearing completion. Keep an eye out for the finished products.

Contact us if you’d like to discuss building your next dream home with Measured Up Builders.

How To Find The Right Architect For Your Home Design Project?

How To Find The Right Architect For Your Home Design Project?

The Architect / Owner Relationship

Knowing how to find the right Architect for your home design project is all about relationships. And like the beginning of any good relationship, you need to know what you are after before you start looking. If you are unsure of what your final goal is, then you can be left floundering.

Know What You Want

Firstly, think about what you are wanting to achieve from your home design project. Is it a renovation or a complete new build? Do you want to expand on the design of your existing home or bring in a new style of architecture you have seen elsewhere for your new build? Knowing exactly what you are after will help you find the right fit for you and give you a good starting point to build upon.

Do Your Research

Secondly, do your research. Research local Architects you have seen with similar work and style to what you are after. Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool there is. Anyone can advertise their services for a paid fee. But word of mouth is free and means the most. See what experiences and outcomes previous clients have had with the particular Architect you are looking at. Don’t be afraid to shop around.

View Their Work

Where possible, physically viewing an Architect’s work will give you an up close and personal view of the final product. Some Architects will be happy to arrange an appointment for you to view their recent work. This is a great opportunity to meet and initiate a relationship with your shortlisted Architects.

Establish a Strong Partnership

The strength of your relationship with your Architect needs to be solid to ensure a successful project outcome. Building a new home or embarking on a renovation can be highly stressful. You need to ensure you and your Architect share the same values. Ensure you have open communication channels and feedback mechanisms.

What Benefit is There in Enlisting a Professional Architect?

When looking at your overall budget, it can be tempting to skimp on additional costs. An Architect cannot be one of those! They can help with many additional aspects of your build including:

  • Managing the build
  • Initiating and confirming builders
  • Organising contracts
  • Keeping the build within your budget
  • Even down to the finer details of colour and furniture selections

Essentially, a good architect will help you to redefine the essential design elements of your project. Whether you are looking at a new Hamptons style build or a modern, contemporary addition to your existing home, they will help you reach your final vision.

Check the Fees

It is always important to check the fee structure of your chosen Architect. Confirm what their services include, exclusions and whether they have professional liability insurance (this is critical).

Not Sure Where To Start?

Nat is always happy to provide advice before you get things started. He can help to point you in the right direction of an architect that will compliment your design project. As above all, a good client-Architect relationship will ensure the future success of your home design project.



Location is everything. When looking at the prime locations for real estate, living by the ocean is always in demand. Coastal communities continue to be the highest sought after living locations across Australia. Prices continue to rise and hold their value. Yet along with the proximity to the ocean, those ocean views, the cooling sea breezes and sounds of waves crashing nearby, comes the need to build with sustainable materials to withstand the effects of the seaside living.

Generally, the closer you near the ocean, the higher your construction costs will be. This is to compensate for the materials needed to withstand the effects of the ocean compared to normal building materials. Build with the right materials and you will give your seaside home greater potential to maintain its peak condition.

Erosion can also be a frequent, ongoing issue due to the salt air and harsh coastal environment. Any urban development along a coastline will change its stability and therefore increase the risk of erosion. Homes in very close proximity to the ocean can fall victim to sand drift and receding shorelines. It is important in any urban development that as much of the natural coastline is maintained including the coastal dune vegetation to maintain the structural integrity of the coastline.

The important thing is to ensure you are familiar with the recommended seaside building tips to ensure your home is fit for the elements.

Seaside Building Tips for Common Coastal Problems


When living by the ocean, rust is inevitable. Homes up to a kilometre away will fall victim to the effects of corrosion.

Solution: Ensure to use marine grade stainless steel fixings and fittings. If not, rust proof your fittings if they are made of any other metal such as copper. The optimum choice is powder coated aluminium as it doesn’t corrode quickly. Be vigilant in your maintenance to get the best life out of your materials.

Water Damage

Those spectacular ocean views can unfortunately be the cause of water damage in your home. Through storms and wild weather, harsh ocean winds can wreak havoc on your home. It is important to design for the elements.

Solution: Firstly, discuss with your architect or builder about designing your home and outdoor living areas to accommodate the views and the ocean winds. It may entail longer overhangs on your roof and strategically placed windows on the wind-facing walls.


Where there is ocean there is salt, and where there are windows, there will be salt residue and stains. Proper maintenance and cleaning will ensure the salt stains to not set in and will be easier to clean.

Solution: Ensure to install a hot water tap and hose external to the house. Use frequently to wash down the windows and rinse the salt off the exterior of your home. For a quick and easy clean, spray undiluted vinegar onto your windows. Leave for a few minutes and wipe off for a simple and effective clean.

When Choosing Building Materials

There is no supersonic building material that can completely withstand the effects of oceanside living. But with clever design, smart building and proper maintenance, you can get the most out of your chosen building materials. Finally, work as much with natural timbers that are native to the area. Ensure they are treated properly and pair them with compatible fixings.

Look after your seaside home with effective design and ongoing maintenance as it will guarantee those beautiful sunrises and ocean breezes for years to come.



We recently completed our Final Photos at the stunning Architecturally designed Coastal/Hamptons style home at 16 Cylinders Drive.  The build took approximately 10 months to complete from the ground up to complete construction.

Instead of us telling you about the Build we thought we would ask our clients a few questions about their experience on the overall building process and working with Nathan and the team from Measured Up Builders.  Here’s what they had to say…

Question 1:  What was it about Measured Up Builders that caught your eye and helped you decide that Nat was the one to build your new home?

Response:  Measured Up first came to our attention when we looked through the prize home at 35 Cylinders Drive (Built by Measured Up Builders).  Nat’s upfront honesty and friendliness sealed the deal.

Question 2:  Did you feel as though you were kept informed with the progress throughout the build?

Response:  Yes, even though we were living close and could check progress daily, Nathan would often call to let us know what was happening.

Question 3:  What was your main directive in the design and construction of your home?  What type of feel were you after?

Response:  A Coastal, Hamptons Style.  A home tailored to our needs and the needs of visiting family.

Question 4:  Did you have any stand out features?

Response:  The raked VJ Celling, amazing pool, stunning kitchen and staircase are standout features that everyone comments on.

Question 5:  Is there anything you would change?

Response:  If it was in our budget we would get Germancraft Cabinets to make the walk-in robe.

Question 6:  Was your home built to budget and to estimated timeframes?

Response:  Yes it was built to budget, Nat was very mindful to keep things on track.

Question 7:  How happy are you with the end result?

Response:  We are so very happy with our house.  We feel secure in a very well built home that we can enjoy for many years to come. Thank you Nat, thank you Measured Up.

Question 8:  In three words how would you describe your experience with Nat and his Measured Up Builders team?

Response:  Quality, integrity and friendship.

So, there you have it – We just love it when our clients are happy.  Visit the gallery for a full range of during and after construction photos!