When building a new home there are may decisions to make with the building process. When it comes to budgeting, there are some items that may not make the cut. What you decide to include in the final bill will come down to your priorities and needs for what you want your final home to be.

If you are considering built-in cabinetry, we have our top reasons to help you decide for good!

Built to last

Built-in cabinetry becomes a part of your house, therefore it is made to last. As sturdy and long-wearing as any other point within your home. Your built-ins will be made by highly experienced and qualified tradesmen, as opposed to a piece from an assembly line. A high quality, custom made piece comes with a greater guarantee of quality that is built to last.

Allows more freedom in design

Custom built cabinetry allows you to design around your cabinetry – instead of the other way around. Beautiful cabinetry can become a key design feature in your home. By choosing built-in cabinetry, you get exactly what you are after. You can dictate the style, design, finish, colour and have the final say over the quality. You will not be at the mercy of stock cabinetry providers. This is an exceptionally handy point for those who are looking at out-of-the-box designs or floor plans that are not your standard go-to.

Allows for cohesive design

Built-in cabinetry allows for a smooth and cohesive feel throughout your entire home. It helps the transition from one room to the next. Along with a cohesive feel with the cabinetry, you can now style each room accordingly, with the main cabinetry design already done for you.

Creates Minimalism

For the minimalist, built-in cabinetry can provide that minimalistic, beautifully blended look you are after. Cabinetry that effortlessly blends into its surroundings, whilst being a beautiful, yet functional, design piece. Your cabinetry becomes a part of the house, not something that is added as an afterthought. Cleverly designed built-in cabinetry can take up an entire wall in the house yet can still allow for the space to feel abundant and not cramped or overwhelmed.


Storage problems no more! The beauty of built-in cabinetry is that you can dictate how much storage you have. No more grappling over a lack of storage or storage in the wrong places. Now it is all in your control.

What to Consider when Choosing Built-in Cabinetry 

Use and Space

  • When choosing built-ins, know from the outset what they will be used for and what will be stored in them. This will help you to guide the design.
  • Think about the room and the space available. How much space will the built-in take up? How will it blend with the rest of the room?

Like always, a professional can help you to make the most from your custom built-in cabinetry. Germancraft are experts in their field and can help you to design and build the cabinetry you have always dreamed of. Based in Arundel on the Gold Coast, their team is full of highly experienced, quality cabinetmakers, ready to help you build your perfect cabinetry for your dream home. They will professionally manage your project from the early stages of inception to creating the ideal spaces with Built-In Cabinetry to suit your needs and budget.